Aug 16

Manchester Oaks, a Fiduciary Property

Lush landscaping in a peaceful, wooded setting is what you will find at Manchester Oaks, a Fiduciary Real Estate Development property. Located in Franklin, Wisconsin, this apartment community provides all the perks that say “home.” We are more than just another apartment community; we offer an incredible living experience featuring amenities that cater to your lifestyle in a fantastic location. From the basics that are standard in every apartment, to the thirty-three acres of meticulously landscaped grounds, the comfortable and inviting lifestyle of Manchester Oaks is yours.


Aug 16

Come Home to Door Creek

Come Home to Door Creek

Door Creek is a wonderful apartment community. One of the prime features of our community is our location. We are adjacent to the 200 acres of spring-fed lakes and abundant wildlife of the Door Creek Nature Preserve, which creates a country feel coupled with all the conveniences of modern living. Our location provides easy access to the Metro Market, and to golf courses, shopping, and entertainment. If you have visitors coming to stay, a trip to the State Capitol, Madison College, or Henry Vilas Zoo is easy.


Jul 16

Barrington Place Apartments on Madison’s Eastside

Barrington Place Apartments on Madison’s EastsideBarrington Place apartments are a convenient place to live, and we have a variety of one and two bedroom floorplans to meet your needs. Our apartments feature gourmet kitchens with all the appliances necessary to make your life easier, including a dishwasher. Our over-sized windows and private and patios or balconies bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Our apartments include walk-in closets in the bedrooms, and we have additional underground storage space available. (Certain floor plans may have different amenities depending on when they were updated, what building they’re in, etc.) (more…)

Jul 16

Living the Life at 50Twenty

Living the Life at 50TwentyThe East Side of Madison is a growing and thriving area, and 50Twenty Apartments is your portal to be a part of it! Living at 50Twenty means you are part of a wonderful community offering the amenities and conveniences that fit a busy lifestyle. Our community boasts luxury, location, and superior customer service. Our new construction, impressive contemporary design, and abundance of amenities offer a luxury living experience to call home. (more…)

Jun 16

Swimming Games for Pool Time

Swimming Games for Pool Time
Summertime is pool time, and while it’s great to simply relax poolside and soak up the sun, sometimes what you need is a pool game to keep things moving. We’ve collected some classic pool games for you to try out this summer.

Marco Polo
This is a classic pool game, named after a 13th-century Italian explorer who lived in China and kept a detailed record about his adventures. (Why the pool game is named after him is a mystery.) It is essentially Blind Man’s Bluff played in the water, with a couple of variations. The “blind” person calls out Marco, and the other players must answer Polo, to assist Marco in trying to find them. For detailed rules, check out this website.

Sharks and Minnows

This is essentially a game of tag. The game starts with a single shark who lurks in the middle (or one end) of the pool. The other swimmers are the minnows and begin the game out of the water at one side of the pool. To begin the game, the shark yells, “Minnows in!” and the minnows dive or jump into the pool and try to swim to the other side without getting tagged by the shark. However, every minnow who does get tagged joins the shark’s team and helps tag other minnows. The last minnow to become tagged becomes the first shark the next time around.

Dolphin Race
Another great classic pool game that doesn’t require any special props or toys is the great dolphin race. The objective is simple: swim the farthest distance underwater. Two or more people begin on one side of the pool, and the person monitoring the race starts them off by counting to three. On three, the swimmers submerge, kick off from the wall, and try to swim all the way to the other side without taking a breath. Especially strong swimmers can do a flip turn on the opposite wall and attempt to swim back. The person who swims the farthest without taking a breath wins.

Get out this summer and enjoy the pool at your Fiduciary Real Estate community! What are your favorite pool games? Share in the comments.

Jun 16

Summer’s Here — Pool’s Open

Summer’s Here — Pool’s Open
Summer is here and that means many of our residents will be headed out to the pool to enjoy some summer fun. We have gathered up some tips to help everyone be safe and have fun in the pool at their Fiduciary Real Estate community or anywhere else. (more…)

May 16

Summer Salads for Barbeques

Summer Salads for BarbequesKnock, knock
Who’s There?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

In addition to being the punchline of a joke, lettuce is also the main ingredient in many salads. Summertime salads can be found accompanying the main entry of grilled meat at a barbeque. Today we have some fun facts about lettuce, plus some summer salad recipes.

Lettuce is leafy vegetable that belongs to the sunflower family. It originates from Mediterranean region, but it can be found around the world today.

Around 23 million metric tons of lettuce are produced and consumed each year. That’s about 30 pounds of lettuce per person, per year.

Lettuce can be cultivated in the ground or in the water (a method of cultivation called hydroponics, where plants grow from a nutritious water solution).

Some varieties of lettuce produce yellow, golden, reddish, bluish or variegated (multicolored) leaves.

And now for some salad recipes, starting with a salad that could be called “BLT Salad.”

Romaine Salad with Tomatoes and Bacon
(Recipe by Sara Quessenberry)

4 slices bacon
1 head romaine lettuce, torn or cut into strips (6 cups)
1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
4 scallions, sliced
4 to 6 tablespoons Creamy Parmesan Dressing or bottled Caesar dressing

In a skillet, cook the bacon over medium heat until crisp, 6 to 8 minutes. Transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate. Break into pieces when cool.
In a large bowl, toss the lettuce, tomatoes, scallions, and bacon with the dressing.

We also loved the salads we found on the Cutestuff Cooks blog, which include a seven-layer salad featuring a base of lettuce, a spinach-and-strawberry salad with a poppy-seed dressing, and a potato salad, which goes perfectly with hamburgers and brats. Our favorite one was the cookie salad, because who knew a salad can double as a dessert!

Try a couple of these salads at your Memorial Day BBQ, and put the grills at your Fiduciary Development property to work!

May 16

Summertime! Time to Break Out the Grill

Summertime! Time to Break Out the Grill May brings summer weather, and that of course calls us outdoors to play and to eat. There is nothing like relaxing while the smell of grilling food wafts through the air, whetting our appetites. With barbeque grills a common amenity in many Fiduciary Real Estate Development properties, today’s blog post focuses on grilling tips for creating the perfect summertime meal. (more…)

Apr 16

Pets in the City, Part II

Pets in the City, Part IIFiduciary Real Estate Development manages many apartment communities that are pet friendly. What a wonderful perk for pet owners in the city! In our last blog post, we did an overview of tips for living in an apartment with pets. This time we want to continue and specifically address the topic of exercise for dogs. (more…)

Apr 16

Pets in the City, Part I

Pets in the City, Part I Many of the Fiduciary Real Estate Development apartment communities are pet friendly, an awesome feature for pet lovers. This month’s blog posts highlight some tips for taking care of our furry friends in our apartment communities. (more…)

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