Utilizing Your Balcony Space

Fiduciary Real Estate Development Company Blog  Put your apartment's balcony or patio space to good use. We've got a few ideas to help you make it a relaxing and inviting place.

Balcony space is probably one of the most underutilized spaces of most apartments. Make your balcony a fun and lively hangout place to relax, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your apartment. This Fiduciary Real Estate Development Company Blog is featuring some great ideas to bring your balcony to life and make it a fun place to hangout.



Add plants to your balcony to induce that outdoors indoor feeling. Adding greenery intensifies the feeling of being outdoors, and if placed strategically, plants can also screen balconies or patios, adding a touch of privacy. Plants can be more than decorative, too. Grow a container herb or salsa garden. Gardening without a Garden has ten ideas to take a look at.


Comfortable Seating

Having a comfortable place to sit is a key ingredient to making your apartment patio or balcony inviting and relaxing. When you are looking for patio furniture, test it out, sit in it and make sure it fits your body. Is it sturdy? Does the design reflect your personality? Answering these questions will help you determine what will work best for your balcony. Be sure to add a table! You’ll definitely need a place for your drinks, snacks, and perhaps a book or magazine.


Wall Decor

The blank space of your patio wall could be a great space to display items you wouldn’t necessarily hang inside, like a kite collection to add a splash of color, your favorite fishing rod and net, a string of lights, or colorful tapestries. The way you incorporate these and other items into your balcony can really make it feel like a home (just steps) away from home, so jot down your ideas and see what you can do!



Add a string of lights to brighten up your balcony space and make it a great evening hangout spot. Consider buying battery powered lights so you won’t have to struggle with finding an outlet to plug them into. Also consider some cool solar powered outdoor lights to save energy and harvest the natural power of the sun.


Does your apartment have a patio or balcony space? Share your decorating ideas with us in the comments.