White Elephant Gift Ideas

graphic of a white elephant and a stack of gifts on a black background

To celebrate the holiday season, the Fiduciary Real Estate Development Blog is sharing a few white elephant gift ideas with our residents. The following list is filled with some of the funniest and most ridiculous affordable gifts you can give your friends or coworkers this holiday season.

Gift Not Included

This gift is clever and perfect for a white elephant gift. Simply put two batteries into a sandwich bag with a note saying, “Gift Not Included.”

DIY Boyfriend Pillow

This awesome boyfriend pillow will be a favorite at the party! This DIY comes from I Love to Create Blog. To make this you’ll need a flannel long sleeved shirt, fabric fusion, fabric fusion tape, pinking shears, clothespins, and pillow stuffing.

Chocolate Video Game Controller

For the video game lover in your life, give them a gift that mixes chocolate with a video game controller. It’s a tasty treat that’ll get everyone laughing.

Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

No one will be able to resist this funny and awesome hot dog toaster! It comes from Nostalgia. Buy it online and enjoy the reaction of the lucky one to receive this gift.

Beard Head Beard Hat

These Beard Head hats are perfect for this time of year to keep you warm, but also a fun and clever gift to give. These hats have beards sewed in to wear over your face. Find hats of all colors, styles, and themes in the link above.

Basket Case Headband Hoop Game

For a fun and silly game, purchase this Basket Case game. Wear a hoop on your head and try to throw balls into the hoop.

Happy Pills and Chill Pills

These happy and chill pills idea from Mother’s Niche is the perfect gift. Essentially you’ll fill up a container will all kinds of candy for the lucky winner.

Have you found any silly gifts that you’d like to have in your apartment? Share with us in the comments below!