Winter Driving Safety Tips

A car with headlights on driving on an icy road with lots of snow in the foreground of the photo

Winter driving isn’t the easiest thing, but if you prepare and drive with caution, you can drive smart the rest of this winter. Whether you have been driving during the winter near your apartment for years or are doing it for the first time this season, now is a good time for a reminder on winter driving tips. Read this month’s edition of the Fiduciary Real Estate Development blog for some tips to driving smart today!

Check Your Windshield Wipers

Now is the time to make sure that your car’s windshield wipers are in good shape. According to Rain-X, “wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year.” Go ahead and check your wipers. If you notice any tears, missing pieces of rubber, or cracks, it’s a good idea to replace your wiper blades.

Why should you replace your wiper blades or repair your wipers? The answer is simple: In the likelihood of snow or rainfall, it’s important to make sure your wipers are in good shape so that you have the best possible safety during your drive.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Here are some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

“As the outside temperature drops, so does tire inflation pressure. Make sure each tire is filled to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure, which is listed in your owner’s manual and on a placard located on the driver's side door frame. The correct pressure is NOT the number listed on the tire. Be sure to check tires when they are cold, which means the car hasn’t been driven for at least 3 hours.”

“Look closely at your tread and replace tires that have uneven wear or insufficient tread. Tread should be at least 2/32 of an inch or greater on all tires.”

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you have a great month and remember: Drive safe!