Our Investment Mission

FRED’s approach to investing is simple – We invest where we see opportunities to deliver strong and stable returns; We take a careful and conservative approach in or underwriting; We respect our investors and obtain our mutual objectives. We develop and acquire assets in the best locations, within communities with high barriers to entry, and positive demand drivers.  We will not invest in a property if we aren’t comfortable owning it for the long haul, even if our initial investment strategy includes a projected short-term holding period.  We carefully identify, develop, construct, re-invest, and manage every property, every day, with a potential long-term view in mind.   
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  • For over 30 years, we have made it a top priority to get to know our investors, and we make sure our investment approach matches their style and objectives. We realize that not every investor is created the same, because we have worked with hundreds of investors, accommodating a wide spectrum of investor types, investment sizes and investment horizons. We build long-term relationships, and seek investors that take that same approach.  


  • At FRED we also take great pride in the fact that we invest alongside our investors, typically comprising 25% or more of our investment offerings. The principal owners and executive managers of FRED invest their own money, under the exact same terms and conditions as our other investors, every time. As a result, our success is directly and unequivocally tied to the success of our investors. Our reputation in the marketplace and the trust of our investors means the world to us.  


  • We have a proven track record of targeting and attaining attractive returns for our investors. We consistently provide annual cash on cash returns that are highly competitive in the marketplace, resulting in IRRs that most often exceed our original goals. Our Asset Managers approach every investment as a unique business venture with its own unique set of circumstances and investment horizon. We make investment decisions to buy, sell, or hold accordingly – when the time is right for every individual asset.