The Team


Brett Miller

President and CEO


Bill Arpe

Chairman of the Board and Founder of FRED


Ted Kellner

Executive Chairman and Majority Shareholder


Steve Bersell

Chief Operating Officer


Austin Mautz

Chief Financial Officer


Ryan Schultz

Shareholder & Executive Vice President


Craig Raddatz

Executive Vice President


Peter Todd

Vice President of Construction


Tony DeRosa

Vice President of Development


Michael Bingham

Vice President of Property Management


Jackie Forecki

Vice President of Human Resources


Kristi Peirce

Vice President of Corporate Finance


Casey Malek

Vice President of Asset Management


Jeff Leamy

Director of Maintenance


Greg Thelen

Director of Capital Markets


Andy McDonald

Director of Property Management Accounting


Glenn Hofer

Director of Construction – Western Region


Tim Wittkopp

Director of Construction – Eastern Region


Paul Schmitter

Director of Development


David Ferrell

Director of Development


Heidi Kivi

Director of Property Management Operations


Andy Kiener

Director of Property Management


Rachel Wagabaza

Director of Property Management - Madison


Tyler Giese

Director of Property Management - Milwaukee